C4 Homeopathy Perspective

After learning material medica, repeterization and basic homeopathic therapeutics, the student is faced with the awesome task of making choices for the patient. What is the right remedy? Are they a mineral, animal, plant, nosode? Is there a miasm casting a veil over his life? How much of the disease process is karmic, genetic, inherited, programmed from birth by conditioning? These are the questions that challenge every practitioner. We are trying to help, and to really help it seems that we must know a lot. Every day we hear about new remedies being published by famous homeopaths – always more knowledge to integrate. The shear volume makes the practitioner always feel a little inadequate. At what point can a practitioner confidently prescribe remedies with the knowledge that they do have? Is higher knowledge a question of volume, or rather a question of depth of understanding – or wisdom?

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