International Seminar 2016

17 + 18 + 19 June 2016

11th International Seminar: C4 homeopathy 

Plants and the biochemistry of emotions.

Alize Timmerman and Michal Yakir.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Alize Timmerman and Michal Yakir.


The C4 homeopathy and the Development stages in relation to homeopathy have been developed at the Hahnemann Institute.

Since 1998 we organised lectures around the theme: Oneness and Seperateness.

These development stages beautifully match the developmental vision of the plants in Michal Yakir's table of plants.

Therefor we have invited Michal to develop together a deeper understanding of the emotional drama so we can come to an ever more profound method of prescribing and helping people further in their life's journey. 

Plants can heal and integrate hidden emotions which  influence our system in a negative way.

Plants can help us to make our body flow in a healthy full dimension, so we can use our spirit to a greater freedom of life.

Triturations are part of our seminar as a deep learning proces for ourselves and for our practise. Triturations brings us to the Source information of the plant.

By Deep Listening to the revealing Knowing of the plant we heal and we can give the Healing Knowing to our patients.

We will study from the Table of plants more on the right side the 3th 4th 5th column:

Nymphaeales: the Lotus

Dillenids: Malvales and  Theales: plants as  Hypericum, Thea, Tilia

Asterids: Solanaceae and Borraginaceae and Umbeliforales: Plants as Symphitum, Asafoetida, Aethusa and Cicuta.

To create the right atmosphere within the group of participants, we aim at people attending from all over the world.
And the number of attendants will be limited to 40 max.

Take a look at YouTube to have an impression of the seminar in 2015


The seminar will be held on 3 days.

The seminar fee of € 330,00  lunches and drinks during the breaks. For 2 days 220,00 euro

 Fee’s can be transferred to: E 300,00 paid before 1 June.
ABN AMRO bank, The Hague IBAN: NL91ABNA0516892134.SWIFTCODE/BIC: ABNANL2A Account of A.W.Timmerman, The Hague
After June 7, 2015 no refund will be possible
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