Manasi Sagdeo

World of Homeopathy is full of wonders and excitement. No wonder this excitement was transformed into a passion when I started learning medicine and Homeopathy in India. My confidence got a further booster when I joined the Classical Homeopathy stalwarts from India.


In the initial years after completing my studies I garnered experience not only in the homeopathic medicine but also in other fields by working with Gynecologist, Pediatrics, Cardiologist, ENT specialist and Surgeon during my internship. I also completed Post graduate Diploma from Hahnemann college of Homeopathy, London, which gave me international recognition. 


When I moved to The Netherlands, I wanted to continue with my passion and started working with Alize Timmerman and Hahnemann Instituut in 2014.  Here I got opportunity to further learn practical and classical Homeopathy and could also attend lectures from International speakers. It helped me to learn more about Classical Homeopathy. During 2016 – 2018, I completed my first Dutch diploma MBK and became eligible to start my own practice in The Netherlands.. 


My establishment "Expats Homeo Clinic" is active since June 2017. This practice provides health care facilities in Homeopathy. Consultations are available especially for Expats in English or Hindi / Marathi speaking people and also for Local Dutch citizens. 


For questions or to make an appointment, please visit our website www.expatshomeoclinic.com or call on +31 6 12378250.

Email address : info@expatshomeoclinic.com

website: www.expatshomeoclinic.com

KVK number: 69029717
RBCZ License number - 180027 R
AGB Healthcare provider - 90103867

AGB code - 90063746