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Lesdagen 2022


Webinars Tuesday"s 29th of March 19th of April  8th of May.

Last Time we studied  how to treat tachycardia after Corona. We  shared cases with palpitations and tachycardia. We continue:  study "Mars" and Marcurius in relation to the Class: Bacilli: Anthracinum Tyrotricinum  Staphilococcinum  Enterococcinum Streptococcinum Lactobacillus Scarlatinum. And Mycobacteria  like Bacillinum and Tub-bovinum and Tub Aviara. Continuation of exchange the research of Spirulina: Cyanobacteria

Johan has already some beautiful cases of the Cyanobacteria Mercurius (Astrological) in relation to Actinomycetales: Tuberculinum oa will be discussed. Please study the book Monera from Frans Vermeulen.

We are supporting the project of Elvia Burry in Africa where we support education in several countries: like Zimbabwe, Malawi, Oeganda and more. Elvia Burry had very good results with our well developed remedies like mRNA Spike protein in the townships and Africa. We do triturations for the development of new remedies  for the healing worldwide.

We want you to share this use of these remedies and knowledge as much as possible.

To work together on the healing base of homoeopathy  there should never be any exclusion based on income.


The cost are 30E each evening: feel free and pay what you can afford.The 3 evenings are 90E together.


Feel welcome to work together any time based on togetherness/sharing and healing.

All lectures have accreditation and are recognised by NVKH.

Colleagues can get a "certificate" for accreditation for use in  their country.


The next meeting is Tuesday"s 29th of March 19th of April  8th of May.

We chanced the meetings back to tuesday's as it was before.



Payment by PayPal is possible: alizetimmerman@gmail.com

Or by bank:

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Dear All, 


Through the inspiring journey of the Lichen trituration we are back with Corona and go back to the Lichen again. 

We discuss this topic further and continue with the Lichen.


You als can follow the webinar on Tuesday-evening 7PM ( see under)


The last webinar we discussed this program: Daniella and I discussed the situation which is arising  in the world. This is  a challenging time. The corona/influenza is becoming more intense.

Therefore we proposed people to work on their own self healing. A remedy kit is  developed so everyone can use the remedies in times of need. We will discuss how we proceed with this group of remedies. Daniella already proposed a self help website.


The remedy kit: we discuss which remedies are also needed by our knowledge and insight.

We discuss which remedies are used as Prevention. We have experience with prevention before the disease is coming with succes.


Antimonium Tartaricum, Apis, Arsenicum Album, Belladonna, Bryonia, Carbo vegetabilis,Carboneum oxygenisatum Chelidonium, Chelidonium, China Arsenicosum, Eupatorium Perforatum,, Euphrasia, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Ipecac, Nux vomica, Oscillococcinum, Phosphorus,Pulsatilla. Rhus Tox, Sulphur.


We discuss which remedies cannot be in the kit: 

F.e.: Thuja, Sabadilla, Conium, Pyrogenium, Tuberculinum, 


We also need to discuss the Bach-nosodes further in depth. This remedies are important to use during the pandemie.



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For this and coming webinars, we appreciate your donation of €30 each webinar.

Next webinar:      12th of December 2021



Dear All,


Thanks so much for your good feedback on the lecture United to heal..


We ourselves are impressed also with the insights we got from this trituration process, and moreover the good results from using these remedies. Therefore we give coming Tuesday a webinar to support the use these remedies.

My assistant Classical Homeopath Jenna Shamat has been deeply involved in making this group of remedies.

She has triturated together with our group to make this high level group of remedies. 


We: Jenna Shamat and Manasi Sagdeo will send 3 remedies to your adres. 

Corona combi C30

Spike protein C12/5

mRNA Spike Sp/Cov-19. 88/5

Please make sure we have your adres.


For this group of remedies we ask 45E 

We are working on a donation base for the development of new remedies and the development for the healing worldwide!

Payment by PayPal is possible: alizetimmerman@gmail.com

A.W. Timmerman

NL91ABNA051 689 2134


ABN Amro Bank NV

p/o box 283 – 1000 EA  Amsterdam


Also I send you the link for the coming Tuesday-evening 19 o'clock dutch time.

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In our meeting we can discuss all our questions.


Sincerely ALize Timmerman