why do triturated remedies give better results?

A case of argentum metallicum.

By Alize Timmerman, Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands

Triturated remedies offer a different way of working with Homeopathy, using the resonance of the remedy and the initiated empathy of the therapist to approach the healing process of a patient on a deeper level. As in the trituration process a remedy reveals itself layer after layer, one can use the properties of these specific layers to address the needs of a patient in the successive periods of his or her lifetime. The levels of the remedy correspond with the development of the human person.

It was in 1998, when I showed a severe psychiatric case to my students. I was in despair about this case, could treat her for 3 years quit well than relapse followed.

Case story: Farmers wife: 53 years old. Doing the business side for the farm. Creative personality gives courses on the farm with flowers.

She wakes up early in the morning around 6.30 h, with trembling. Has some rumbling in her abdomen, urges to the bathroom. She than evacuates small stools..The trembling becomes worse and goes to the extreme in the morning, around noon they diminish, and in the evening it is gone. The trembling or even jerking is severe, the legs go high up, en the arm and hands are trembling. She begins to write worse and worse. Also some light coughing is usually also there the night before the trembling is started. And a warm feeling between the shoulderblades.

In the morning she feels empty , and depressed. She has no urge to do anything. She is lying in bed. And usually goes out of bed in the afternoon.
She cannot read or write than. Her hands are feeling paralysed and the trembling is too much. She is not crying. And has no energy to talk.
She does not want to be alone than. Has no specific anxieties.
When the attacks of trembling and emptiness are longer than a few weeks, she goes in despair. And is scared she never will be better.
That is the state she was in when she came here for the first time.

normal state and history.

As a child she has been ill for quit a lot of diseases.Having fevers and exhaustion. She had all her life pains from the menstruation. Now her menses is stopped. She is a straight forward person. Very clear in her stating her symptoms.
She has quit a business kind of view in life. She never talks a lot but tells her story in a practical way. She has a happy marriage, enough money and healthy successful children. She has a good relationship with her family.Her father died on the age of 60 years in a car accident. She is a down to earth person. And interested working practical with flowers.
She often has brought flowers or vegetables to our centre. When all is fine, she is quit scared to get the emptiness and trembling back again. She is always wearing her handmade silver jewels.
What I observe she is not interested religion. Or spiritual subjects.Her consultations are short and without telling stories.
Very down to earth. Her husband cares for her. They like going doing sports etc. On holidays she never is ill.
She has send all her children and her parents and brothers to homeopathie, because of the good results.

Remedies given by former homeopath: Sepia, Stramonium, Sulphur, Phosphor, Argentum nitricum. Because of no result she comes to the practise.

Repertorisation of the main symptoms:

Warm between shoulderblades.
Urging small stools.
Trembling till noon
Paralyses and trembling of hands and voice.
General < in the morning till noon. (see repertory van Zandvoort).

Prescription Argentum Metallicum.

C30, after 7 months C200, later M, and Lm potenties.
Full cure 3 years. For 3 years she is completely better.

Than there follows a full relapse, in the original symptoms. I used every potency there was at that time.
Argentum met from low to high potenties, also lm potenties. No reaction came. After 3 months I brought the case for supervision. The interesting thing was there were no new symptoms, it was the SAME Story.
Leen van der Kaay, a college with 30 years of experience in homeopathie suggested to make a C4 remedy. He ask me to wait 3 days, he was going to make it himself. The patient took the C30 triturated up to the C4.
In 8 hours her state changed and she was better till 3 years after!

I was so impressed with the result, that I started to use the C4 remedies in mostly psychiatric patients. With at least 30 % better result. We are working in a big center here. So our results became better after that very impressive experience.

Introduction of the trituration principle

Homeopathic trituration is a concept postulated by the German pharmacist Withold Ehrler in his book: Pearls of Pharmacognosis. The word Pharmacognosis refers to a divine knowledge of remedies. Working with C4 triturations and the proving of several substances has been done by Jürgen Becker in Germany and people of the Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands.

Ehrler ea discovered that in the process of making a new homeopathic remedy by grinding the initial substance in a mortar with a neutral substance, the person grinding the remedy experienced "symptoms" of the remedy. These symptoms show to be rather consistent for a large number of people taking part on a grinding session, although a certain variance in symptoms was noticeable among the "provers". Furthermore, each successive step of diluting the remedy, showed a specific set of symptoms, thus creating a hierarchy of symptoms ranging from a mundane, physical level via more spiritual levels toward more esoterically levels.

Starting point being the C0 level, diluting the initial substance of the remedy a hundredfold and meticulously grinding for at least one hour so the initial substance is thoroughly mixed with the neutral diluting material (i.e. milk sugar), one reaches the C1 level. Repeating this process brings us to the C2 level and so forth. This process of diluting and grinding Hahnemann named "trituration". In the Hahnemannian Homeopathy one usually proceeds to the C1, seldom to the C3 level.Hahnemann triturated the metals till the C#. Basically, till about 1980 most remedies were triturated to C1 level and thereafter potentiated. Ehrler was the first to explore levels beyond C3. Central in the trituration hierarchy as postulated by Ehrler is the C4 level, the hierarchy culminating in the C8 level. In the next paragraph we will explore the different levels more in detail.

Hahnemann himself stated in the Organon (§ 9): "In health the life force keeps all parts of the organism in harmony. The spirit-like life force governs without restriction and keeps all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling, rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence".

Thus Becker and Ehrler discovered that while preparing a remedy by diluting and grinding it with a neutral substance, the intrinsic knowledge how a remedy will work on human people discloses itself to the prover. The prover takes part on a sharing of knowledge on a level transgressing the pure physical world, coming to know the essence of a remedy: Pharmacognosis.

Key notions here are resonance and the expression of a remedy on the different levels of being. Trituration discloses the essence of a remedy step by step. Each trituration step is in resonance with on the one hand the person preparing the remedy and on the other hand with all people in a state similar to the remedy at that specific trituration level. So, when working with triturated remedies, the therapist experiences a journey through the layers of the remedy. The therapist working with triturations will enter in a resonant empathy, with the full force of the remedy revealed toward him or her and enabling the therapist to become also in resonance with the patient treated. When triturations are duly used, the therapist will be the "knowing witness" in the healing process of the patient, connecting the archetypical force of the remedy with the actual need of the patient, truly making Hahnemann s proposition "similium similia curentur" happen.

Theory of the Trituration Hierarchy

Trituration is a step by step process, each successive step with its own specific
level of influence and resonance and therefore its specific point of action in a person.
A very concise listing of the eight levels takes us from the physical level (C1) via the spiritual level (C4) and the archetypical levels (C5, C6) to the collective levels for all humankind and transcendental levels (C7, C8).
C0 Material, substance, tincture
C1 Biological / Physiological level
C2 Sensations, Feelings, Emotions, Compensation experienced in the body
C3 Mental, Thinking, Delusions, illusions, Religion, Mythical, contrast Good àß Bad
C4 Acceptance, To be Buddha, Spiritual, Without judgment, Destiny, Synchronicity
C5 Individual Archetype, The Source, Dreams
C6 Collective Archetype, Vitality and vital sensation, Energy
C7 Development of worlds, cultures
C8 Transformation of opposites

C0: represents the raw material, the substance as such, things as they manifest themselves in nature, a tincture.

C1: here we look inside the organism, into the biological, physiological level of being. The vital force, the energy of the substance is revealed. The C1 level also relates to the hydro-carbonate nature of beings on earth.
C2: reveals feelings, emotions. As such it relates to a different level than the pure physical level of C1.
C3: At the C3 level we exceed the biological organism. We enter the realms beyond ourselves, connections between entities, religion. And we enter the level of judgment, weighting one set of values against the other. We start thinking in polarities.
C4: This is the central level, representing the spiritual life beyond seeing, feeling. The "begeisterung" , inspiration, the freedom of choice, the path toward destination.
Synchronicity here means the simultaneousness of events without conscious intervention. The therapist may experience the situation as a similar one encountered earlier enabling one to see the path of helping in the healing process of the patient. Here we can refer to "divine" healing by Buddha, Krishnamurti.
C5: refers to the individual unconsciousness, archetype, dreams, shadows. The driving force of our unconsciousness relates to a major part of our vitality, our Source. The therapist may use a C5 remedy when somebody repeatedly comes in a certain situation for which a logical explanation fails. Coincidence or not?
C6: does not differ greatly from C5, but reflects more the collective aspects of the Archetype, flows working on mankind as a whole.
C7 and C8: those levels basically go beyond the level of the understanding of individual persons.

C7: represents the relevance of the substance on a global level
C8: the creation of "oneness" the transformation of opposites, the creating of comprehensive concepts.

When we come to a schematic representation of the eight levels, we see a picture like this (adapted from Ehrler):

The C4 level constitutes the core level, the essence. The lower levels connect with the physical world, our mind, our conscience. The upper levels with the individual and collective archetypes, our cultures, culminating in the divine level where opposites may shift positions; the upper levels reflect the world outside ourselves.

Working with triturated remedies brings the therapist to questions like: "what is or should be the orientation of my approach of this patient.
As a result, the therapist faces different sets of confrontations, but with the resonance of the remedy as part of both the development of empathy by the therapist and the interpretation of the expression of symptoms in the patient one comes to the proper similium for the stimulation of the healing process in the patient.

Another way of connecting our insights on C4 remedies with other approaches in Homeopathy is to relate the trituration levels with the elements and the 4 major realms on earth.

C0 + C1 Earth Mineral, metal
C2 Water Plant
C3 Air Animal
C4 Fire Human



We know that, in a generalization, minerals and metals work more on the biological / physiological level, plant remedies more on the level of feelings, sensations, animal remedies relate to propagation, future, the mental level, while nosodes often work very well on the spiritual level. Here we find the similarity with the C4 hierarchy: C1 working on functional pathology (muscles, bones etc.), C2 on emotional pathology, C3 on delusions and feelings, and C4 on spiritual problems.

Specially in cronic cases, and specially cancer we are using this remedies.
The carcinocynum 220/5 is working amazing wel, and we have deeper end more profound results with this remedies.
This I will share with you on the upcoming seminars.

Alize Timmerman