Institute for training & development in Classical Homeopathy

Alize Timmerman

The Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands organizes seminars in the field of Classical Homeopathy.

In the past years from 1998 on we organized the succesfull bi-annual International Seminars.

 The Hahnemann Institute in the Netherlands offers in-service training in classical homeopathy for post-graduate levels.

Under the leadership of Alize Timmerman since the 1980s, the Institute teaches homeopathy with an accent on learning the material and the practice in a pleasant and secure atmosphere. The student is guided in her/his growth as a homeopath towards developing an open and alert, observant stance, to reach the point where true healing can occur.

In the post-graduate sessions analytical, systemic and intuitive methods are all utilized to interpret the state of the patient and arrive at the proper remedy. The patient is central and each patient may require one or all of these different analysis strategies to best fit their healing journey.

Alize Timmerman is well known for her thorough, in-depth anamnesis where the ‘resonance’ of patient and practitioner leads to finding the correct remedy for the disturbed vital force. The Institute draws its teaching from the widest range of possibilities offered within modern classical homeopathy. The Institute itself has developed a number of new homeopathic remedies which are being used to achieve a high level of cure.

The Hahnemann Institute Netherlands cooperates with a number of homeopathic educational institutions in other countries. Several instructors from these institutions come to teach at the Institute each year, giving our classes a strong international focus and furthering the communication and exchange of knowledge between students and homeopaths across the world. 

For detailed information of the program see the Dutch part of the website or phone the Institute at +31 70 3280862.

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