Jacqueline Kindt

For more than 12 years I have been connected with the Hahnemann Instituut homeopathic group practice. Because it is a communal practice, I have been able to work in close cooperation with Alize Timmerman, and this has enabled me to connect in depth with the high standard of expertise being set in this practice.

I have worked in the Netherlands and abroad, and established myself as a classical Homeopath after a thorough training at the College of Naturopathy in Bloemendaal where I graduated in 2000 as naturopathic therapist and Classical Homeopath.

"Being confronted in my personal life with deep processes of sickness, made me look for a more holistic approach to healing, which I’ve found in the homeopathic way of thinking and treatment."


Working attitude

During the consultation, it is important to be open to hearing the story of the client. From this  basic empathetic and connected attitude, I work together with the client to find the essence, where your complaint and your being, as it were, come together. In doing so I search for the most appropriate homeopathic remedy. In follow-up consultations we follow the healing process and continue to encourage deeper healing.


The self healing power

The question arises: "Why homeopathy?" In addition to the consultation, the homeopathic remedy gives a sort of key to a person, as well as the energy to engage with this healing process. Healing actually means that you as a human being you become whole again within yourself and the complaint is no longer needed to signal ‘unwholness.’ As you become conscious of your process, you engage with your own healing potential and this process is supported by the homeopathy remedy.



I work with adults, and I very much like working with children. Children have much vitality and dynamism and the complaints maybe expressed without any compensations. In verbal or non-verbal manner, sometimes through a dream, children sometimes give real ‘presents’ during a consultation in the form of comments that clearly indicate the needed homeopathic remedy.


Homeopathic therapist

As homeopathic therapist I myself work from an open and empathic stance and invite my client mindfull consciousness.  It is possible to help the healing process by becoming conscious of the possible deeper cause of a complaint.  Homeopathic consultations provide beautiful and genuine insights.


Each new day, I am again grateful to be able to practice this profession, helping clients to grow through a crisis or engaging with them regarding the causes and the healing of their physical complaint.


The purpose of this development is to be increasingly connected with who you are essentially and to be able to be free and authentic as such. Core concepts that guide my work are: empathetic, respectful, analytical, involved, and stimulating the (life) force of the client him or herself. Within a pleasant atmosphere and approach and on condition that the client feels at ease.